Static Aircraft

Static Aircraft and Displays 2018 Olympic Air Show

The Olympic Flight Museum located at the Olympia Regional Airport.  We are pleased to announce the 2018 Olympic Air Show on June 16-17th and will feature the following Static Aircraft and Displays:


Out on the taxiway you can hear the deafening roar of an engine and see billowing clouds of smoke. You can feel the reverberations of mini sonic booms. You look up and realize it’s not an aircraft. In front of you is the Smoke-n-Thunder Jet Car preparing to accelerate!
Bill Braack, driver, taxis to the runway and prepares to engage the afterburner which shoots 20-foot flames, produces billowing smoke, and mini sonic booms.
At the end of the runway, the jet car comes to a standstill. An airplane above has challenged Bill to a race. Jaws drop as the aircraft approaches. Bill is signaled by his crew member “Scuba” Steve Uhrich, that the aircraft is directly overhead. He kicks in the afterburner and accelerates the jet car—he’s races at speed approaching 400 mph and overtakes the overtakes the plane in seconds. Bill is pulling 4.5 Gs. As he deploys the parachute to bring the car to a stop, he experiences 11 Gs of negative force. Eyes blinking, the crowd is astonished at what it just witnessed.
He waves to the on-lookers as “Scuba” tows him back to the taxiway and display area, where the crew are available to sign autographs and talk with the crowd.
After more than 4,000 performances, Smoke-n-Thunder still thrills the crowds at events all over the United States.



Evergreen Chapter Antique Motorcycle Club
The Evergreen Chapter Antique Motorcycle Club of America has members from Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Canada B.C. They’re a great group of people withe a passion for riding and wrenching on motorcycles 35 years and older. With a diverse collection of motorcycles including American, European, and Japanese, this club has extensive knowledge through-out  its membership about old iron.


We welcome antique aircraft owners from the PSAAC.  These vintage aircraft represent early aviation history, many with wood frames and fabric covering.  Visiting from all parts of the Northwest, members often fly as a group to various locales and events.  For more information, please visit