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Static Aircraft and Displays 2018 Olympic Air Show

The Olympic Flight Museum located at the Olympia Regional Airport.  We are pleased to announce the 20th Annual 2018 Olympic Air Show Celebrating our 20th Anniversary on June 16-17, Fathers Day weekend.



The Western Washington air show season kicks off on Father’s Day weekend at the celebrated Olympic Air Show, hosted by the Olympic Flight Museum at the Olympia Regional Airport. This 20th anniversary event on June 16-17, 2018, will feature aerobatic demonstrations from museum aircraft such as the Goodyear FG-1D Corsair, and the P-51D Mustang, American Beauty. Special guests include the Curtiss P-40C Tomahawk on Saturday, June 16th courtesy of Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum. The B-25D Liberator Bomber Grumpy, courtesy of the Historic Flight Foundation, will be back to offer rides for $495. The museum will also exhibit helicopters from its collection, including the UH-1H Huey, AH-1 Cobra, and the only flying example of a Kaman HH-43 Huskie. Military aircraft and displays are represented from most military branches and eras from World War II, Korea and Vietnam. The Smoke-n-Thunder jet car will challenge a race on the runway with the formidable Dornier Alphajet or the AH-1 Cobra Gunship on both days of the event. Additional event features include a World War II encampment with authentic military vehicles and uniformed personnel, Columbia Distributing beer garden, food and merchandise vendors, and a variety of youth activities. The weekend event promises to deliver the excitement of aerobatic demonstrations and heritage aviation that visitors anticipate.

Early hotel reservations are recommended. For more information about the 20th annual Olympic Air Show and to purchase tickets, please visit or AIRMEN: Check NOTAMS


Out on the taxiway you can hear the deafening roar of an engine and see billowing clouds of smoke. You can feel the reverberations of mini sonic booms. You look up and realize it’s not an aircraft. In front of you is the Smoke-n-Thunder Jet Car preparing to accelerate!
Bill Braack, driver, taxis to the runway and prepares to engage the afterburner which shoots 20-foot flames, produces billowing smoke, and mini sonic booms.
At the end of the runway, the jet car comes to a standstill. An airplane above has challenged Bill to a race. Jaws drop as the aircraft approaches. Bill is signaled by his crew member “Scuba” Steve Uhrich, that the aircraft is directly overhead. He kicks in the afterburner and accelerates the jet car—he’s races at speed approaching 400 mph and overtakes the overtakes the plane in seconds. Bill is pulling 4.5 Gs. As he deploys the parachute to bring the car to a stop, he experiences 11 Gs of negative force. Eyes blinking, the crowd is astonished at what it just witnessed.
He waves to the on-lookers as “Scuba” tows him back to the taxiway and display area, where the crew are available to sign autographs and talk with the crowd.
After more than 4,000 performances, Smoke-n-Thunder still thrills the crowds at events all over the United States.


We welcome antique aircraft owners from the PSAAC.  These vintage aircraft represent early aviation history, many with wood frames and fabric covering.  Visiting from all parts of the Northwest, members often fly as a group to various locales and events.  For more information, please visit



Have you ever noticed how nostalgic songs like Whole Lot of Shakin, Pretty Woman, The Last Time, Messing with the Kid, Woolly Bully, Sweet Home Alabama, Two Tickets to Paradise, For Your Love, and We’re an American Band … can take you back to a special time and place?  That’s the focus behind BackLash – a 4-piece classic rock and blues band based out of Olympia, Washington.  Their selections of songs cover a wide variety of music with one thing in common…they’re all memorable classic hits!   Some of the artists include Santana, Elvis, Rolling Stones, Beatles, BB King, INXS, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, SRV, Phil Collins, Spencer Davis, etc.Introducing the Band….Jessie DeLoach, founder of the band, plays rhythm guitar with a “right touch” of lead to accent the groove plus lead/harmony vocals.Stan Carlson plays the drums, maracas and tambourine that provide the driving heartbeat percussion for the band’s sound.  Jim “Sweet Jimmy Jazz” Miller plays the keyboards, plus lead/harmony vocals.  He’s the blend and spirit of great keyboard players reincarnated that is evident in his style.Todd Luque plays the five string bass guitar, plus lead/harmony vocals. Steadfast and smooth, he’s the backbone that provides the bottom end for the band’s phat sound.

CONTACT – PHONE: (360) 412-0557