Olympic Airshow

2019 Static Aircraft and Displays

We are pleased to announce the 2019 Olympic Air Show on June 15-16th and will feature the following Static Aircraft and Displays:

John Johnson T-6 Rides

Experience the thrill of historic aviation in a warbird ride! The North American AT-6/SNJ was a World War II advanced military trainer used by all branches of the military to teach basic fighter operations, aerobatics, gunnery and bombing, formation training, and instrument flying. Over the years the airplane earned the name "The Pilot Maker". Powered by a 600 horsepower Pratt & Whitney 9 cylinder R-1340 Wasp radial engine. The  North American AT-6 was used by the U.S. Army Air Corps and U.S. Air Force after 1948 and also came in other numerous variants including the U.S. NAVY SNJ and the Harvard in Commonwealth Air Forces The airplane was used by various foreign air forces until early 1995. Two types of rides are available: A 20 minute scenic ride for $250.00, or a 30 minute ride with combat maneuvers ( Aerobatics) for $375.00. A 15% discount for all U.S. Military Veterans (Proof required) will be honored. You must be at least 15 years old and have permission from your parent or legal guardian and have them sign a Minor Hold Harmless Waiver. Adults must also sign a separate Hold Harmless Waiver. Headset and parachute provided. You must be physically able to get in and out of the aircraft independently.

MKII Patrol Boat River

The Northwest Chapter of the Gamewardens Association Rare Vietnam Era Patrol Boat. Northwest Chapter of the Gamewardens Association is a group composed mostly of combat veterans often referred to as the Brown Water Navy, sailors and soldiers who primarily served in the Vietnam River War, will have two MKII Patrol Boat River (PBR’s) on exhibit at this year’s Olympic Airshow. Currently under restoration is PBR J-7844; the last manufactured Army PBR is also scheduled to attend. Members of the association will be on hand to give tours of this very unique watercraft better known as a PBR. The name “Gamewardens” was given by the Pentagon as relating to US Naval Task Force 116.  Members of the TF-116 are the most highly decorated US Naval unit of the war. The last MK II PBR was still in use as late as 1995, with the last wartime duty being Desert Storm in late 1989.Total time in service, 29 years. The NW Chapter of the Gamewardens Assocation is headquartered in Chehalis, Washington.  To contact call (253) 670-1657 or write or donate: PO Box 970, Sumner, WA  98390 “All Funds Go to the Maintenance and Restoration of the PBR’s”


Evergreen Chapter Antique Motorcycle Club The Evergreen Chapter Antique Motorcycle Club of America has members from Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Canada B.C. They're a great group of people with a passion for riding and wrenching on motorcycles 35 years and older. With a diverse collection of motorcycles including American, European, and Japanese, this club has extensive knowledge throughout  its membership about old iron. http://www.evergreenamca.org


We welcome antique aircraft owners from the PSAAC.  These vintage aircraft represent early aviation history, many with wood frames and fabric covering.  Visiting from all parts of the Northwest, members often fly as a group to various locales and events.  For more information, please visit www.psaac.org

Cascade Warbirds

The EAA Cascade Warbird Squadron which has been a significant, consistent, and growing influence for warbird fans in the Pacific Northwest.  A qualified non-profit organization, the organization has grown to 220 members, who own and fly the whole gamut of ex-military aircraft, from the old bi-planes, trainers, fighters, bombers, and liaisons of World War II and the Korean War era—to the aircraft of the Vietnam War.  Even foreign aircraft are not left out, as former adversary’s warbirds are now highly prized. The organization’s purpose is to promote and encourage the preservation and operation of WWII and other such aircraft representative of military operations, and to educate interested persons in methods of safe operation and maintenance.   With 135 member aircraft of 35 different types, Cascade Warbird Squadron succeeds in their objective, providing a valuable presence of historic aviation to many Northwest events.  Watch this group of skilled pilots fly in formation at the end of the aerobatic show. http://www.cascadewarbirds.org